Rolling Shop Stool
Low ceilings? Back injury? If you can’t or don’t want to stand during equipment service, this durable, lightweight stool with free-rolling wheels makes working under lifted equipment from a seated position virtually effortless.

It also serves as a handy dolly for moving the wheel tray. The convenient tray at the base carries small tools to keep them handy.


Small Wheel Adapters
Trion’s standard wheel forks serve well for nearly all your turf equipment, but this handy adapter, designed primarily for the Ryan Greensair, will allow you to load all tires on 6" wheels, even if they go flat. Secures easily to the standard wheel forks for raising any of your small-wheeled equipment!


Tool Bar Extensions
Self-storing extensions slide easily out of their compartment in the workstation tool bars for virtually instant truck service capability. Slide them back in place when you’re done to keep your service bay compact and tidy.

The extensions also allow placement of full-canopied golf cars so they can be raised beyond the limits of the top beam.

* Tool Bar Extensions are only available for use with Trion’s Model Pro-M Workstation.


Heavy-Duty Vehicle Stand
Our handy, portable 2-ton jack stand is especially useful for supporting equipment on one wheel fork. This allows you to slide back or remove the wheel fork and gain accessibility to the wheel and axle for servicing. With two, you can even remove an axle. Constructed of rugged tubular steel, the support extends to multiple positions between 38" and 54" off the floor.


Quick Oil Drain
Our fully portable oil drain holds up to five gallons of drained fluid and fits easily under any equipment raised by your Trion workstation, even between difficult rear reels. The funnel adjusts from 41" to 65" – no more spills or messes!

* Quick Oil Drain show with optional dolly add-on.


Scissors Jack
This small, yet strong jack fits neatly into the Trion wheel tray and, because it has been fitted with a ¾" hex-drive, you’ll never have to hunt for the jack handle or deal with slow crank-up operation. Just use a socket and ratchet. In fact, if your workstation is equipped with our Air Hose Reel, you can even use a socket air wrench.

This scissors jack is especially useful for lifting a wheel up from the wheel tray to allow service at a comfortable working height. One ton capacity.


3-Outlet Electric Power Cord Reel
Tired of stringing extension cords all over the shop? This one will always be ready with a 25 foot reel extension right from your workstation, and it rolls up and out of the way with just a tug.


Inspection Lamp Reel
No other drop light has ever been this easy! Trion’s all-new lighting accessory is a durable, short-wand fluorescent lamp with an automatic on/off switch at the reel (which eliminates the possibility of a spark hazard from low-lying fumes). When mounted to your Trion workstation, the 25 foot reel extension will always be handy to reach any areas at your service bay.

(Note: Electric reels plug right into your Trion workstation, which provides appliance outlets that maintain 115 volt power, even if the workstation is converted for 230 volt operation.)


Air Hose Reel
Trion’s air hose reel provides compressed air service (up to 300 psi) and extends 35 feet.

The reel connects to your air supply from above the lift service bay so you won’t have hoses dragging across your shop floor.

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